The Sahai Group

International Trading of Metals, Metal Scraps and Chemicals

We are a dedicated team of professionals striving to set the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct in International trade . We attribute our sustainability in business to  our many years of experience and sincere dedication towards our business goal . Its always been our intent to understand the objectives of our customers and our suppliers and work towards fullfillment of those objectives .

We are focused on business with Africa , The Americas and Asia .


We are active in trade of Non Ferrous Metals and scraps of   Zinc, Lead, Cadmium, Selenium,  Brass , Aluminium,  cobalt , mercury, arsenic metal, SS, calcium aluminium alloys  etc. We also trade in Ferrous scraps like HMS 1 , HMS 1/2 .

We actively and competitively source materials from direct producers and reliable suppliers . We are offering our products to customers in countries like India, China, Korea , Taiwan etc.



Our Chemical division has been very dedicatedly offering chemicals and polymer products for varied industries such as plastics, footwear, Glass Industry , Textile , Paper etc .Some of our regular products include EVA Copolymer Resin , PVC Resin , Soda Ash , Gum Rosin , DMT ( Dimethyl terepthalate ) , Hydrogen Peroxide, maleic anhydride , melamine etc. 

We offer Fertilizers products in Bulk and Container loads from CIS / Eastern Europe such as Potassium Chloride (KCL), Sulphate of Potash (SOP), Sulphur, Urea, Sodium Nitrate etc.

We are regularly marketing chemicals into African markets like South Africa, Nigeria , Kenya etc. as well as Asian markets like India , Indonesia, China, Korea etc

Its our pleasure to invite you to visit our website pages for products as well  as our offers and requirements.

We look forward to your response and we will be pleased to answer your queries .

                         Our Best Wishes



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