The Sahai Group Metals Chemicals Lead Metal Zinc Diecast

Remelted Lead  ( Lead Bullion ) , Pure Lead , Antimonial Lead, Calcium Lead Alloys and Lead  Metal Scraps

In close association with Lead Smelters we offer the Lead Metal and Lead Metal Alloys such as

  • Remelted Lead  95%, 98% , 99% and 99.5%
  • Pure Lead 99.97% min. and 99.985% min.
  • High Antimonial Lead  as well as Antimonial Lead with 2-3% Sb content
  • Calcium Lead Alloys

We offer Lead Metal and Lead Alloys  as per the specification required by our esteemed client or as per the standard specification of the producer.

For the recycling of Lead Metal,  depending upon the availability and existing contractual agreements  , we  may offer from time to time -

  • Lead Ore with  Pb 45-55%
  • Drained Lead Acid Battery Scrap as per ISRI Code ‘Rains’
  • Used Lead Battery Plates as per ISRI Code ‘Rails’
  • Mixed Hard / Soft Lead Scrap  as per ISRI Code ‘RADIO’
  • Lead Wheel Weights  as per ISRI Code ‘ROPES’
  • Battery Lugs  as per ISRI Code ‘RACKS’
  • Copper Lead Cables as per ISRI Code ‘Relay’
  • Lead Pipes

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